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update:March 23, 2010

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Canoeing City

The Miyoshi canoe racing pond opened for the 1994 Wakashachi Kokutai National Athletic Meet and is presently used as a site for various competitions.

Various measures to establish the post-Kokutai image of the city as "Miyoshi, the Canoeing City" are being implemented such as promoting the spread of canoe polo among the townspeople.

We want to show the world the splendor of canoeing.

Canoeing has flourished to the point that Miyoshi High School and three of the city's junior high schools have formed canoeing clubs.

The 6th World Canoe Polo Championships involving 38 teams from 18 countries and local areas was held at Botagaike Canoe Polo Pond from July 21-25, 2004. The players sizzled more intensely than the daily  temperatures that climbed to over 30°C.

 Photo: Racing canoe, canoe polo pitch

Photo: 2004 6th World Canoe Polo Championships

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