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Tourism in Miyoshi

Miyoshi, the peaceful suburban city.

One step beyond the town streets and you will be surrounded by an abundance of nature and the ever-changing beauty of the four seasons.

The scenery under the changing seasons makes a great impression on all who visit.

Come to see and enjoy Miyoshi's seasons that transform from rows of cherry blossom trees in spring, to fireworks in summer, colorful foliage in autumn, and the snowscape of winter.

Map of Miyoshi

See the Miyoshi City Map for locations of the main city facilities(PDF:7,067KB)

Spring Festivals

Miyoshi Sakura Festival

Venue: Miyoshi Park and Botagaike Park

Dates: Every year from March 25 to April 15

About 2,000 mainly Yoshino cherry trees have been planted in Miyoshi Park situated in the central part of city. During full bloom, the park attracts a large number of people who come to take a stroll on the 4.5 km path around Miyoshi Pond.

Botagaike Park beside Miyoshi Park is frequently used for relaxation and is a popular date spot. Come enjoy the cherry blossoms while taking a refreshing stroll along the 1km path.

Summer Festival

Miyoshi-ike Festival

Venue: Miyoshi Pond

Dates: Every year on the 1st Saturday of August

During this festival held in appreciation of the blessings of the Kiso River, seven boats decorated with 401 lit paper lanterns are set afloat Miyoshi Pond while colorful fireworks are launched from the center of the pond

The event features star mine fireworks that shoot sparks of light in a semi-circle fashion across the expanse of the water's surface, as well as the 300m-wide Niagara Fall fireworks that light up the night sky with sparkling cascades of color.

The lights, sounds and wind dancing over water will immerse you in a world of fantasy.

Miyoshi Iijan Festival

Venue: On the street in the vicinity of Miyoshi Inarikaku

Dates: End of August

Held conjointly with the Miyoshi Ojochin Festival, this lively festival features 4000 powerful dancers in unique costumes performing to original festival songs "Jandararin" and "Just Rollin'." This festival brings Miyoshi's summer to an exciting climax!

Miyoshi Ojochin Festival (Giant Lantern Festival)

Venue: Manpukuji Temple, Miyoshi Inarikaku

Dates: End of August

A magnificent scene is created by three gigantic paper lanterns that rise 11 meters into the night sky. In the temple grounds, you'll find festival music, a service to offer a branch from a sacred tree to the gods, and a large variety of street stalls.

Dimensions of giant paper lanterns - Height: 11m, Diameter: 6.5m, Weight: 1,250kg

Autumn Festivals

Miyoshi Hachimansha Autumn Festival

Venue: Miyoshi Hachimansha

Dates: Every year on the 3rd Sunday of October

An autumn festival held every year on the 3rd Sunday of October to pray for a bountiful harvest.

Two decorated floats built in the Edo Period and designated as the city's cultural assets are carried around the streets of the city.

At night, the more than 200 paper lanterns decorating the floats illuminate the night sky with a stunning display of lights.

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