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Past grand prix winners of Sculpture Festa

Past grand prix winners of the Sculpture Festa

Many sculptures adorn the street corners of Miyoshi

Sculptures have been erected in parks and green space, and at public facilities such as elementary and junior high schools.

Since 1989, Miyoshi has been holding annual public exhibitions called Art Hill Miyoshigaoka Sculpture Festa featuring sculptures entered by artists from around the country.

With the launch of development in the northern part of city, Miyoshi and  the Urban Development Corporation (former Housing and Urban Development Corporation) conjointly held the Art Hill Miyoshigaoka event themed on "daily life with art" in an aim to uphold the city charter of "building a culturally rich city." 

In this annually-held public exhibition, applicants whose maquettes were selected from nationwide entries were invited to create the actual sculptures which were subsequently entered into the second stage involving selection of grand prize and other award winners. 

In 1999, the joint project with the public corporation ended and Miyoshi continued to hold the event independently. On this occasion, the project steering committee was replaced by an organization consisting of townspeople, corporations and government.

In its 15-year history up to fiscal year 2003, 2,695 entries were received from 2,273 applicants. Seventy winning pieces have been erected around the city and Miyoshi has earned acclaim as a "city with sculpture-adorned street corners. "

Since 2000, the project was renamed "Art Town Miyoshi Sculpture Festa" and although the steering committee involving the townspeople aimed to develop Miyoshi into a full-scale sculpture town, 2003 marked the final year for this public art exhibition.

In October 2001, the project was recognized with the Good Design Award of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization

The sculptures are free to be touched by viewers.

Come for a visit and get to know the art around you.

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