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update:March 23, 2010

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Industries & Economies


Blessed with a warm climate and its close vicinity to the high-consuming cities of Nagoya and Toyota, Miyoshi began production of wetland rice, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and other produce from 1955.

Particular focus has been placed on growing persimmons, pears and grapes as city specialties.

However, the agricultural population has been falling year by year due to the growth in recent years of the automobile industry and urbanization, which has spurred a decline in farming families and increase in part-time and aging farmers.

Manufacturing Industry

An influx in the number of automobile-related companies since 1965 has brought a dramatic rise in employment and outbound shipping of manufactured goods, which has been vital to the transformation of Miyoshi into one of Aichi prefecture’s leading industrial areas.

In the latter half of 2008, however, automobile-related companies were hit hard by the global economic slump.


Miyoshi has been opening an increasing number of stores as a part of urban development. However, in order to meet diversifying consumer needs and a recent increase in leisure time, the city launched development of large-scale suburban shopping centers featuring entertainment facilities and community-oriented services in 2000. In order to promote local business, Miyoshi strives to build a commercial hub capable of attracting customers from in and out of city.

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