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update:June 21, 2011

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Alien Registration

What is Alien Registration?

Please ensure that you apply for Alien Registration which is an important process for registering matters concerning the place of residence and identity of foreigners (Non-Japanese) residing in Japan.

1. Where to Apply for Alien Registration

Citizens' Affairs  (City Hall West Wing 1F)

*Applications cannot be made through the "Sun Net" Citizens Information Service Center.

2. Regarding the Various Applications

3. Regarding the Certificate of Alien Registration

Who Can Apply

Registrant or cohabitant

*A letter of proxy is required in the case that the application is submitted by a non-cohabitant family member or other third party.

Consultation Desk

Citizens' Affairs  (City Hall West Wing 1F)

"Sun Net" Citizens Information Service Center

* The certificate cannot be issued in certain cases


200 yen/ copy

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