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All About Miyoshi  

Located in the central part of Aichi prefecture, Miyoshi is situated between Nagoya city and Toyota city and shares borders with Toyota city, Nisshin city, Kariya city, and Togocho in Aichi-gun.

The city's northern district is served by the Miyoshigaoka and Kurozasa stations on the Meitetsu Toyota Line which is linked to   the Nagoya Subway Tsurumai Line that offers connecting services to Nagoya city center.

The "Tomei Miyoshi Interchange" of the Tomei Expressway is the gateway for motorists.

Due to its convenient transportation  and strategic location, the city has in recent years experienced considerable growth in population and development as a bedroom suburb of Nagoya city and Toyata city.

Miyoshi is the most populated town in Japan with over 57,000 inhabitants.

The city is the center of many enterprises including automobile-related industries such as the automobile plant of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Canoeing City

Miyoshi was stage to the canoeing competition of the Wakashachi Kokutai national athletic meet held in Aichi in 1994.

Since then, canoeing has flourished to the point that Miyoshi High School and four of the city's junior high schools have formed canoeing clubs.

With racing competitions at Miyoshi Pond and a permanent canoe polo court at Botagaike Pond, Miyoshi is Japan's most prominent site for annually-held competitive canoeing events.

In 2004, Miyoshi was stage to the 6th World Canoe Polo Championships and became the first country in Asia to host the competition. Players from each of the competing countries fought out exciting matches on the water.

Since 2003, an eboard-based social exchange network was established where "Everybody" could "Easily" "Enjoy" "Exchange."

City of Art

Many sculptures that can be freely touched by viewers have been placed around Miyoshi.

Since the launch of the housing development of Miyoshigaoaka in northern Miyoshi, an event called the Art Town Miyoshi Sculpture Festa centered on the concept of "daily life with art" was held annually from 1989 to 2003.

The event was held to promote a culturally rich town environment.

The project was recognized with a Good Design Award in 2001.

Seventy of the outstanding sculptures from the Festa have been placed in parks, street corners, schools and other public areas around city and have taken on symbolic value.

Seventy high-quality finished sculptures made using various different materials adorn the streets of Miyoshi.

Festivals in Miyoshi

Spring Festivals


Miyoshi has many popular cherry blossom-viewing spots.

The "Miyoshi Sakura Festival" is held when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

The cherry blossoms are lit up at night for your enjoyment.

Photo: Sakura Festival (Miyoshi Park)

Photo: Sakura Festival (Botagaike Park)


Summer Festivals


Summer is the season of festivals!

Summer brings fireworks, dances, paper lanterns and a diversity of other exciting events.

Come enjoy the summer in the vibrant atmosphere of Miyoshi.

Photo: Miyoshi-ike Festival

Photo: Giant Lantern Festival

Photo: Miyoshi Iijan Festival


Autumn Festivals


Autumn is a time of matsuribayashi (festival music).

Miyoshi holds autumn festivals featuring elaborately decorated floats.

Delight your ears with the sound of flutes wafting through the autumn night air.

Photo: Miyoshi Hachimansha Autumn Festival


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