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update:March 23, 2010

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Miyoshi's Specialties

Persimmons, pears, grapes

Harvest Time

  • Persimmons: from mid-October to the end of November
  • Pears: from mid-July to mid-August
  • Grapes: from mid-July to Mid-August

With a moderate climate and fertile soils, Miyoshi reaps a rich harvest of agricultural produce from its orchards that sprawl over the terrain in the south.

Persimmons, pears and grapes are among the most famous of the city's specialties and many people wait eagerly every year for the arrival of the harvest season.

Miyoshi's persimmons, pears and grapes are sold at JA Aichi Toyota's farm produce collection and shipping center called "Green Station Miyoshi," and at the fresh produce center, Green Center Miyoshi. Please be advised that the shipping season is limited.


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